JUDITH M. WOLF, Ph.D., Esq. – Co-Founder, Arizona Mediation Institute

For more than 30 years, Judy Wolf has focused her practice on litigation, mediation and arbitration. Judy’s vast experience in the legal field has shaped her concentrated practice of mediation.

As a doctor of psychology, Judy has a distinct appreciation for the emotional strain a divorce can create. She also knows how to manage the negotiations and lead clients to solutions. Judy’s background in psychology and law inspired her to develop the unique and successful approach Arizona Mediation Institute offers in achieving conflict resolution.

Because of Judy’s extensive experience practicing law, she effortlessly accommodates the specific needs of attorneys and their clients in the effort to resolve conflict.

In addition to her mediation and arbitration practice, Judy has lectured to national legal, mediation and psychology groups. Judy also has more than 20 years of experience training lawyers on how to better represent clients in mediation.

Judy is married, a mother, step-mother and grandmother.

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